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Madhu Mettal Inc.

Madhu Mettal Inc. has excelled in the field with 30+ Years of experience in ensuring optimum efficiency in mechanizing Automobile scrap and waste recycling procedures. Scrap recycling from automobile shredding and ferrous recovery plants. We are a future-oriented company with focus on continuous improvement and technological advancements in techniques and processes for scrap management.

Our innovative designs

Est In 2012

Exp In 30+

Our innovative designs coupled with the development of new technologies and process solutions which helps to maximize the value of scrap by converting it into marketable products. We have an extensive range of machines which include hydraulic Pressing machine, Gearwheel cutting machine, Plasma Cutting Machine and other exclusive machines which helps in efficient remediation activities and other waste management services

Our scrap processing solutions are customized based on the ever increasing and new demands from our clients to tackle the steady rise in scrap and waste production. They have also gained from improved operational efficiency and reduction in costs to handle a large variety of scrap. The obvious results have reflected in the returns achieved by us in terms of improved productivity and increased profitability.



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